Though it may be impossible to guarantee your Facebook account wont be hacked you can take some steps to decrease the possibilities of some unscrupulous person accessing your account. Facebook is approaching Billion users and as such a lot of details are available through Facebook. Most likely unwittingly post just enough information for someone to steal your identity or someone may post instead of you after gaining access to your account.

This post may cause embarrassment job loss also legal procedure. Stating the obvious You will want to not share your password to any account with anyone. Today you might be on good terms but tomorrow you may not be. Its sad he but doing your never know what people are capable of hack into someones facebook messages especially when feeling as though they have been screwed. Dont reuse passwords You donrrrt want to the same password for multiple membership sites.

Reusing a password repeatedly enhances the likelihood a thief else is actually able to steal your password. There are utilities available that will store and generate passwords for you if an individual might be someone who struggles a concern . number of passwords you to maintain in mind. One such utility is Keepass. Using Keepass you can generate passwords for anything that requires a particular one. You only have to set your password for Keepass. Everything else is placed in the Keepass database.

Use complex passwords Merchandise in your articles are not using your account information generator then use passwords that undoubtedly are combination of letters upper and lowercase numbers and symbols. Don’t use common words birthdays or names. There are tools available help to make cracking passwords made up of dictionary words or names very not difficult. Turn on s If an individual using which is the default setting for Facebook the vulnerable to being broken into.